Expecting the Unexpected

Expecting the Unexpected

A Demand Peace supporter, Joan, recently had a conversation with me about how important it is for all of us to be at peace.

This led to her telling me about her 38-year-old daughter, and how hard she was working. She's in the entertainment industry, and seems to be working around the clock.

A few months ago, she came to her mother saying that she didn't feel well. She felt bloated, tired, and didn't know what could be wrong with her. Like any great mother, Joan insisted that she seek professional help. When she took her to the hospital, and the doctor came back with the results, they both were shocked.
Her 38-year-old single daughter was six months pregnant!

In disbelief, they had not thought it was possible, as there had been no other signs. Now, they had to quickly prepare for the arrival of a new baby boy. Her first and only grandchild. Joan bought a Demand Peace onesie, knowing her daughter would love it.

Then, it was time. Joan went to the hospital with her daughter and they both had the longest two days of their lives. No drugs until the very end, when she had to go in for a C-section.

For these two days, Joan stayed by her daughter's side through every second of the delivery. A dedicated mother waiting for her adorable grandson to be born and wanting to make sure she would be there to do all she could for both of them. Joan became a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy Jaxton Ryder.

Now, excited to be a new grandma, Joan begins to teach him about the world and guide him to be kind to others and the planet. Sure seems he is starting out on the right foot!

Thank you to our youngest supporter, Jaxton Ryder!

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