Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

I love talking to our clients who have purchased from us.

While talking to Greg, who had purchased one of our Demand Peace hats, he asked me more about our organization. I explained that Demand Peace is an organization that helps create more peace on the planet. It's not just about t-shirts, and hats. Wearing a t-shirt or a hat with a Demand Peace logo can change the dialogue. When more people come together with positive energy, kindness and compassion we can change the world. There is peace in all of us, we just need to wake it up.

Our phone conversation led to him telling me how he loves to pay it forward. He proceeded to tell me a story about how he had broken down while driving his car in the middle of the night. It was pitch black and no one was in sight. He needed to get the car out of the middle of the street. Greg, at 72 years old, opened the door to start pushing his car and realized that it was on an incline. It started to roll back and the door knocked him on the ground. As the car started rolling back, he had no time to move his arm to prevent the car from running over it. All of a sudden, the car started moving forward and he realized two men were pushing just in time. Unable to communicate verbally, as they did not speak English, Greg tried to thank them. Just as quickly as they came, they vanished.  At that moment he was so grateful and relieved. He realize that even without communication of language, these two men were kind and knew exactly what he needed at that very moment. 

As he told me the story with such compassion, I could feel how grateful he truly was. In just a matter of seconds, he could've lost his arm. At that moment he decided to pay it forward. It doesn't matter the color of your skin, sex, or age. It's simple: people are kind and want to help others in crisis. Why not be there when there isn't a crisis? Why not pay it forward? Let's all help each other.. let's start to Demand Peace.

Thank you Greg for sharing your story and putting a perspective on an act of kindness by two kind strangers.

Keep paying it forward!

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