A Personal Message From Darla

A Personal Message From Darla

A Personal Message From Darla, Partner of Demand Peace,

Most people don’t know that the peace sign was actually originated in 1958 the year I was born. It was designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement.

The March was organized by the DAC and it was the first widespread public display of the peace sign. Maybe being born the same year has something to do with my involvement. Also being from a broken home I spent most of my happy days with my grandparents, who were all for peace. That’s when I really learned what peace was all about. Two loving and caring partners who never bickered. They showed so much love, kindness, strength, and peace whenever I was around.

When the peace sign first came out, people were marching and asking for peace. Now, we need to demand it. Whether it be your grandparents or your inner self, we all need to find the place of peace.

We have to spread the word. It’s just like the old shampoo commercial, you tell two friends and they tell two friends. Eventually, we want everyone to know about peace. It’s an easy choice just hard for some to get there.

My grandparents are long gone but this was them at their 40th wedding anniversary. Still showing the love for peace! They would be so proud of the man I got to share my life with. A true teacher of peace! 

(Founder of demand peace)

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