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Why Demand Peace?

There comes a time when the inhabitants of this planet must recognize that the only way to achieve true happiness is through peace.

Peace in the way we treat each other; Peace in the way we treat our bodies; Peace in the way we treat the planet; Peace with truth and honesty.

The goal is to recreate in the minds of people the right to peace, the benefits of peace, the promotion of leaders of peace, and, ultimately, a worldwide existence of peace.

We must join together and demand peace as a way of life.

We must always stand up against the lack of integrity and challenge the voice of truth.

We must demand honesty at all levels of governments and in all dealings of life. 

If we stand up for truth, honesty, integrity, and equal rights for all of mankind, our voices will be heard and we can change the world through the viral stance of Peace!

Peace is in every one of us and we need to demand it in our lives. Standing up will claim our gift to freedom and the true desire of inner peace for all!

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